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Beautiful Cosmetic Dental Veneers in Dumont - Dr. Jeffrey Manheimer

Improving the look of your teeth doesn’t always require complicated procedures or years of wearing braces. The dental community continually researches and tests cutting-edge techniques and materials to provide an array of efficient options for creating a beautiful smile. Porcelain veneers are one option that enhances your appearance with minimal prep and treatment time.

Dr. Manheimer and our dedicated team offer patients veneers in Dumont and for patients from surrounding communities. To find out if this cosmetic dentistry option is right for you, call us today and set up a consultation.

Aesthetic Appeal with Veneers

Aesthetic Appeal with Veneers in Dumont

Some patients have minor malocclusions and don’t want or need to correct the issue with orthodontic methods. Wearing braces or aligner trays are effective ways to fix gaps and misalignment, but the treatment requires time and frequent follow up appointments.

Other patients want whiter teeth, but for them, bleaching treatment is ineffective because intrinsic staining s beneath the enamel.

In both of these circumstances, the patient would benefit from porcelain veneers as a faster and simpler treatment option.

Veneer Treatment: Preparation and Placement

Veneers are thin, durable restorations made of porcelain. They are custom designed to be affixed to the front of your teeth and are shaded by a lab technician to match the natural aesthetic of your smile. We spend your first appointment preparing you for treatment, explaining the process, and answering any questions you may have. We determine how many teeth require veneers, if your gum line requires aesthetic contouring, if untreated teeth should be whitened first for an overall brighter smile,  or if there are other issues that need to be addressed before placing the veneers.

We then take digital x-rays and send them to our local trusted lab where they create your veneers with the utmost precision. For porcelain veneers, we smooth away a thin layer of enamel for a proper fit. The porcelain shells are then put in place with a dental adhesive, leaving you with a perfect blend of beauty and stability.

For our patients that want no-prep veneers, we offer the DaVinci brand. In comparison to traditional veneers, where tooth preparation is required, your the DaVinci veneer process saves valuable tooth structure, allowing for the continued strength and health of your natural teeth.

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Cosmetic improvements to your teeth not only bring about a renewed sense of confidence, they also provide you with a uniform smile you can be proud of. Dr. Manheimer provides patients with veneers in Dumont, New Milford, or Haworth. If if you have staining, chips, or gaps you would like corrected, give us a call today.